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Life  : Based on Azadirachtin isolated from the kernel of neem seeds, this broad spectrum biocide provides the most effective, economic and lasting control of major pests of agricultural and plantation crops. It is the  most environment friendly pesticide, highly biodegradable and leaves no residues on the food stuff.

Neem  is well known in India for centuries for its medicinal properties. But it is also a source of natural insecticides. Current research confirms that neem derivatives indeed have wide ranging pesticidal activities.

Life  is based on Azadirachtin, the potent insect and mite killer, anti-feedant, and growth retardant isolated from the kernel of neem seeds. Azadirachtin is a highly oxidized triterpenoid having molecular formula  of C35 H44 O16.



Life  is a purely neem based water soluble emulsifiable concentrate.

Azadirachtin 1% W/P


Immediate contact and knock-down action followed by a systemic action of long duration. The systemic action provides the much needed preventive action against potential damages from insects, mites and fungal organisms. Life  acts against different life-stages of insects and mites.

Life stages



Growth disruptant
Larval toxicant


Growth disruptant
Direct toxicity


Immediate knock-down
Antifeedant and repellent


Life  is a broad spectrum pesticide effective against all species including red spiders, and insect pests like helopeltis, aphids, jassids, thrips and caterpillars etc.

Antifeedant effect : The active ingredient in Life   sensory receptors of  mouth parts, resulting in disorientation of normal  feeding and  intake of food by insects and mites.

Repellent action : LIfe has very strong repellent  effects which prevent the insects and mites from colonising the treated plants.

Insect growth disruption : Azadirachtin component of Life  inhibits normal growth and development or insects and mites causing biological failures of their life-cycles.

Life  is compatible with common insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, and foliar nutrients. Life  can be an alternate to conventional pesticides in normal spraying or can be used in combination. Even by itself Life  would give the most effective control of insects and mites, especially when totally residue free tea is needed.


Life  does not create any residue problem as its active principles are totally biodegradable. It does not create  any  environmental or pollution problems.


  1. No  toxic residue on food stuff; hence most  appropriate  for  organic agriculture.
  2. No harm to natural predators, parasites of pests, and pollinators.
  3. No resistance to pests.
  4. Protects crops from pest attacks.
  5. Totally biodegradable.
  6. Ideal for Integrated Pest Management Programmes.
  7. No ecological or environmental problems